Saturday, November 12, 2005

Guns + Good People = Less Crime

I asked my elderly Mom once whether she'd rather have good and bad people armed or just bad people armed. With a gentle "Edith Bunker" type wisdom she sadly replied, "I don't want any people to be armed".

Oh, if only we lived in a world where that could happen.

But, it can't happen folks. There is no way to keep criminals from getting guns. And, the only thing worse than criminals having guns is for criminals to be the only ones to have them.

After Florida passed Senate Bill 436, Florida tourists were warned of a new gun law as if Florida had become a country about to go to war.

Yet afterward, Florida's overall violent crime rate fell 33% more than the national rate did.
Murder fell 50% more than the national rate while rape fell 59% more, robbery fell 49% more, and aggravated assault fell 11% more than the national rates.


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