Friday, November 11, 2005

High School Students Get Class Credit for Protest Rally Attendance.

The School provided transportation, students got class credit, and teacher sang a ditty that made a student want to bolt.


"The Los Angeles Unified School District took things a step further. The district helpfully agreed to provide buses — that's right, buses — as well as "adult supervision" to the nearly 800 high school students.....

.....Consider the L.A. Unified public school music teacher, who routinely calls Republicans "stupid." The school where he teaches, by the way,purports to follow a "code of conduct" that condemns discrimination based on race, sexual preference or religious beliefs. Yet the teacher, according to one of his students, constantly condemns Republicans as "crazy religious Christians." The music teacher excitedly told the class about a "song" someone e-mailed him. He decided to serenade his class by singing the ditty a cappella:

The Battle Hymn of the Republicans

Mine eyes have seen the bungling of that stumbling moron Bush;
He has blathered all the drivel that the neo-cons can push;
He has lost sight of all reason 'cause his head is up his t**h;
The Doofus marches on. [more]

One student in the class, a self-described "conservative Christian Republican," almost bolted from the room. The student, however, feared the teacher's reputation for vindictiveness that could result in fewer assigned solos, or, even worse, not getting an invitation for the class's out-of-town concerts.

According to the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans by a 10-to-1 ratio in the faculty of 150 departments at 32 elite colleges and universities. At 13 of the schools, they found only one Republican. And four of the schools showed no registered Republican in the departments examined."

The next time you hear someone repeat that old statement about the more education a person has the more likely he or she is to be liberal, ...think why.


Blogger Loyal said...

Because like most, liberals they don't like to work. They like social well fare and want to stay in a place where they can be spoon fed and not have to deal with real world problems. Education is all theory based not work based. Most past college students will tell you that college did not prepare them for the career they are in now. It gave them theory. Experience makes them noticed and hard work is what rewards them and makes lets them advance. The other way to advance is through networking skills. In liberal circles you can always sleep with Democrates if you want to get ahead I guess. They seam to do that alot in the Democratic party. College Proffesors also have that reputation with young nearly under aged students too. Ah, another reason Liberals like to teach in college I suppose?

12:56 AM  
Blogger Rose said...

the more education a person has the more likely he or she is to be liberal, ...think why.

What better way to make most of the future citizenry liberal, than to staff the schools with liberals only and indoctrinate kids from the first day of school. It's a miracle any kid graduates a conservative. A very effective way to diminish the two party system.

1:30 AM  

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